Benta - Nisse (Norwegian Elf)

Benta comes with a felt-covered wire back rest. This allows her to sit upright on shelves, without having to lean on anything. Click here for back rest image. Please note that the dolls no longer come with cedar stumps.

We use no molds for our figures - each face is handsculpted, one at a time, which means each face is different. This is what makes each handmade doll unique. While the faces of the men elf dolls do vary a little, the faces and the hair of the lady dolls vary greatly from doll to doll, so each lady doll's face is photographed individually.

Benta is an avid baker! In her basket she carries the warm, delicious loaves of bread that she loves to bring to her neighbors and friends.

Benta is wearing a warm woven herringbone cotton flannel skirt in gray and black, a woven cotton apron trimmed with Swedish trim, and a cotton flannel shawl, to keep her snug. She has a pale blue blouse and beige cotton velveteen legs, and is covered with handstitched patches. A brown and beige knit hat and a green glass teardrop necklace, complete her outfit.

From one arm Benta holds her handmade basket, made from rough woven flax, and filled with freshly baked bread.

Benta is 14" tall (12" when seated), as measured from the top of her head (not the top of her hat) to the bottom of her boots.

Benta's face is hand sculpted using felt over clay. Her hair is made from natural flax fiber (grey) or natural hemp fiber (white). She is stuffed with a combination of recycled glass pellets and organic cotton stuffing. Her arms are wired. All of our dolls are 100% vegan.


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